Dental Studio Den Haag offers just about any dental treatment to upgrade your smile. From facings and teeth whitening to a prosthesis or implant.

Periodic check-up

The (semi) annual check-up forms the basis of our oral care. We not only check your teeth for cavities, but also assess the tooth necks, your gums and your oral cavity. We aim to identify any problems before they can endanger your teeth or oral health.

Dental cleaning

Clean, shiny and smooth teeth do not just look better, they feel better too. The dental hygienist thoroughly cleans your teeth so that deposits, stains and that sticky layer on your teeth disappear like snow in the sun. This cleaning also prevents or cures incipient gum disease.


If gingivitis is ignored, the inflammation will spread. Sometimes even into the jawbone. In that case, the teeth must be cleaned far below the gums. That is the work of the dental hygienist/periodontist. We offer this treatment in our practice as well.

Pediatric dentistry

Are you in doubt if you should visit the dentist with small children? Please do! It allows them to become familiar with the dentist and the dental hygienist, which reduces the chance of dental anxiety. In addition, it is important to keep a close eye on the milk teeth and changing teeth. We regularly provide children with fluorine treatment to make their teeth stronger, for example.

Facings/white fillings

Are your silver fillings bothering you? Do you have discolored or uneven teeth? We can solve a lot of imperfections with composite (white) fillings and facings. Life is too short not to smile your biggest smile!

Root canal treatment

We know, this does not sound fun. However, an inflamed tooth nerve often leaves you with no other option. The inflamed nerve runs through the root canal. In this treatment, the root canal is opened, thoroughly cleaned and neatly closed again. With local anaesthesia, of course. You will not feel a thing.


Dealing with a chipped tooth? Are your teeth damaged by an accident or wear and tear? We can perform a reconstruction, for example using facings, composite or an implant. Together we will discuss the options to get your teeth back in optimal condition.

Crowns, bridges and implants

We can solve a missing molar or tooth with a crown, bridge or implant. Each treatment has its advantages. Together, we will discuss which solution suits you best.


Modern dentures are completely different from the plastic teeth your grandfather used to wear. However, switching from your own teeth to a prosthesis is a big step. We are happy to explain how the procedure works and what to expect.

Teeth whitening

Do you want to freshen up your smile? Are you bothered by unsightly stains? Teeth whitening is popular. However, it is best to have this treatment performed safely by a dentist who knows what they are doing! This will prevent damaged teeth, irritated gums and disappointing results.

Invisalign treatment involves wearing a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. No braces, no wires, and none of the limitations that metal braces can bring.

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