About us

Come in, have a seat and feel like a VIP. In our professional Dental Studio, your dental visit becomes a feel-good experience. Together, we will make your teeth shine so that you can eat, laugh, talk, sing and kiss with confidence. No matter how young or old you are. Because why would that not be possible?

Dental practice in
The Hague

Our dental practice in The Hague is located in a beautiful historic townhouse. Our oral care specialists are highly trained. They work according to the latest insights and use the newest techniques. Our instruments and equipment, you ask? Newer than new and completely state of the art.

High-quality oral care

Dental Studio The Hague provides high-quality oral care. We offer a complete experience, because you can contact us for all treatments.

Dentist for Expats

No matter where you come from, you will feel at home at Dental Studio Den Haag. Our close-knit team is internationally oriented. We speak several languages. We have experience with cultural differences and understand what is important to you. This makes Dental Studio Den Haag the ideal dental practice for expats and residents with a foreign background.


Would you like to join our team? We currently have the following vacancies:
Interested? Send your resume to info@dentalstudio-denhaag.nl