Romina Dehghane

Dental hygienist

Romina Dehghane is the driving force behind Dental Studio The Hague. This BIG-registered dental hygienist gained a lot of experience during her career with periodontal teeth cleaning and likes to delve into complex oral problems. Romina has great empathy. Therefore, she can reassure anxious patients very well. At Dental Studio The Hague she performs check-ups and treats gum problems, among other things.

BIG: 89930300779

Filipa Coelho Correia


My name is Filipa Coelho Correia,

I have been working in the Netherlands for 9 years. I work as a general practitioner with an affinity for aesthetic treatments. Iā€™d love to help you get and ofcourse keep a healthier and more beautiful smile!

BIG: 29916640702

Umnya al Moukhaibar


My name is Umnya al Moukhaibar:

I am an enthusiastic dentist who graduated from the University of Groningen. During my studies I worked in various dental practices and through this path I gained my experience within dentistry.

Restorative dentistry appeals to me, in addition to general dentistry enormously. In addition, I am an elite invisalign provider. This means that I have a lot of experience in designing new smiles using clear braces.

I get a lot of satisfaction from drawing up and ultimately executing the treatment plans, taking into account the wishes of the patient.

I also obtained my diploma for botox treatments. This way i can help you get rid of, for example, Bruxism or make less gums visible when you smile (gummy smile), but I will also help you hide the first signs of aging with the same ease.

I am Looking forward to our first meeting within our practice!

BIG : 09929173702

Sameh Elgendy


My name is Sameh Elgendy i am a dentist practicing in the Netherlands since 2016. My goal is to help my patients have a healthy and beautiful smile. My method of work is patient oriented addressing the patient’s concerns and explaining everything the patient needs to understand to make the best decisions when it comes to their oral health. I am focused on digital aesthetic dentistry and conservative restorative dentistry and in layman terms restoring the teething while conserving as much tooth structure as possible to improve the durability of the teeth.

BIG : 59921079802

Ruby Dingjan

Practice manager

My name is Ruby Dingjan, the Practice Manager of Dental Studio.

In 2010 I started in dentistry as an assistant, after years of gaining my experience in various areas of expertise within the profession, I have now taken a new path in the position of Practice Manager at Dental Studio. In this Position i strive to manage the working atmosphere for both employees as patient in good harmony.

My motto is: The only way to do good work is to do what you love!

High-quality oral care

Dental Studio The Hague provides high-quality oral care. We offer a complete experience, because you can contact us for all treatments.